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Philippine BeachThe biggest apprehension of sending out jobs outside of your country is the fact that you do not know whom you are sending it out to.  Yes, you have met with the officials of the company.  You loved their devotion to the work and their management skills but yet you will wonder on what it is like in their country.

People like working with outsourcing companies who are like them.  You become more confident when the person you ware dealing with speaks English.. No communication problems there.  They have a similar educational background… algebra remain the same throughout… and their medical courses conforms to FDA rules…  All in all.. We become more at home with working with people who are like us.  A mirror of who we are., well, if were magically transmitted to a tropical country out in the Pacific where you suddenly get a tan and experience sunshine all  year round.

It surprises people to discover that the Philippines is one of the few Asian countries that have a background of both European origin and American influence.  It was colonized by Spain for over 500 years and was then transferred to America where it stayed for the next 50 years.   The country is the most Western of all its Asian neighbors with American television shows streaming almost daily.  They speak English and love all Western influences (French fries and hamburgers are welcome) .   A few years ago, there were even sectors who wanted the country to become the 51st state of America.   You can’t get more American than that.   The Philippines.  The perfect outsourcing destination.


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Outsourcing: A Solution for Speech Recognition

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Speech recognition in the advent of outsourcing. The search for the best speech recognition was once been as elusive as the search for the Holy Grail. Everyone has been dreaming of a way of eliminating the physical pounding of fingers on the computer. Who wouldn’t want that? Speaking is so much easier than pounding at the keyboard. Breakthroughs have been made in this field that for some time it was treated as a solution to the countless documentation needs ranging from healthcare to legal services. 

Who killed the comma?

A dry run on various softwares was impressive indeed. It was able to recognize my voice and with a little tweaking you are able to teach it so it could anticipate and understand your dictation methods. However, one challenge remains. What happened to the comma? What happened to the semicolon? Where did all those wonderful punctuations go? The sentence The Panda eats, shoots and leaves is quite the same as The Panda eats shoots and leaves, isn’t it?

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Imagine getting your claim denied by your insurance because a report was misunderstood because the software killed the comma. The need for editing remains to be the biggest solution in this age. Now, if only you could get someone to polish the report daily. It would be a great compliment to the hands free process of your speech recognition software.

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