The Company

As outsourcing companies grow and services become more complicated, it is easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

The Evolution of Northern Worx

Building an Industry, Empowering People
Northern Worx started in 2001, at the dawn of the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing boom, as Northern Transcription Works. Seeking to tap the vast potential of the Filipinos to provide excellent outsourcing service, we launched our initial foray into the BPO industry by conducting research on medical transcription, which at that time was still an emerging industry in the country.

Early on, we sought to establish a firm and solid foundation for our service offerings, not just in the field of transcription but also in other voiced BPO solutions by initially addressing the challenges of learning and servicing methodologies to come up with coherent and efficient programs, tools and systems before taking in the first client.

Moving towards Globalization
Our reputation in providing best-in-class medical transcription service is backed by solid results: Northern Worx boasts of 100% account retention in terms of quality and delivery. We have started the groundwork for growth but focusing our resources to build & acquire new outsourcing technologies and competencies to take advantage of our proven and business processes.

Applying our technologies and core work processes methodologies for transcription allowed us to replicate solid & consistent results on our contact center operations. This crucial advancement has propelled us closer towards accomplishing our vision of becoming a global BPO provider.

Today, Northern Worx has evolved into a specialized business process outsourcing company with expertise in contact center operations, documentation, and other back office solutions boasting a diversified portfolio of affiliate businesses in the Information Technology, Healthcare and Food Service industries.

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