The Company

As outsourcing companies grow and services become more complicated, it is easy to lose sight of what’s really important.

Our Mission: Discovering Extraordinary People

Amidst the technological advances that the outsourcing industry is benefitting from, Northern Worx recognizes that the key to delivering exceptional results still lies in the excellence and diligence of our people. Since its establishment, Northern Worx has been at the forefront of nurturing home-grown Filipino talents.

With our production facility in the Philippines, Northern Worx has strategic access to the world-class manpower that has made the country a global powerhouse in the BPO industry.

Initially establishing a transcription school, Northern Worx has now evolved this facility into a Learning center capable of boosting people’s raw skills to reach world-class standards in various business process solutions.

Our Calling: Relentlessly Pursuing Better Ways

In order to create tremendous value for our partners, Northern Worx continually challenges tried and tested ways of doing things to develop innovative solutions that enhances efficiency while lowering costs.

While most in the industry may consider investments for continual research and development unnecessary or detrimental to profitability, we consider it an integral element of our business model.

Not compromising on either quality or cost, Northern Worx walks the extra mile to ensure thorough collaboration with our partners to enable us to develop strategic approaches to achieve the best value our partners can possibly enjoy.

Our Passion: Making Technology Work for You

Northern Worx employs some of the latest and most sophisticated technology available for the outsourcing industry today. Yet, we fully understand that high tech should not get in the way of solving everyday business problems.

At Northern Worx, we make technology work for our partner’s needs . . . that’s why we made our technology flexible and adaptable so that we can provide technological solutions to your issues, not ours.

Our systems have powerful functionality and feature-rich capabilities, yet we kept our platform simple and streamlined so it can adapt to our partners’ existing systems efficiently, not the other way around.

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