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A Partnership Made in Outsourcing Heaven

Pioneering Vision

In 2001, the transcription industry in the Philippines was still at its infancy – only a few people have heard about it and even a fewer know exactly what it was.

Northern was one of only a handful that built the industry from scratch. We brought in industry experts from the United States, promoted the profession to the local medical and allied medical graduates, and developed and redeveloped medical transcription platform software, processes and methodologies until the most effective and cost efficient has been established.

Flourishing Where Others Have Failed

Riding on the success of our venture, others soon followed and the medical transcription boom in the Philippines began – dozens of MT companies opening one after the other. Unfortunately, after only a short time, the industry began to witness a sharp drop – dozens of companies closing one after the other.

While others were failing around us, Northern continued not just to survive, but even thrived in the midst of the great challenges faced by the industry – we confronted the issues head on and never wavered in staying true to the business values that served as our pillars of strength.

Your Business Partner

Our evolution as a company reflects the way we do business. We continually seek solutions to the issues of our clients, not ours. From the onset, our inherent strength lies in remaining sensitive to the preferences and ever changing needs of our partners. This is how we continue to duplicate our success in non-voice campaigns to voice programs that allow us to continually thrive as an organization. As your perfect partner, we exist to provide solutions that offer you outstanding benefits and value.

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