Business Outsourcing: Top 5 Reasons Why the Philippines

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BusinessmanSeveral factors, like a well-educated workforce, good language competencies and work ethic, have made the Philippines an attractive business process outsourcing (BPO) destination. From its skilled workers, cultural adaptation and most especially, costs – the country has successfully positioned itself to take centre-stage across the globe.

Based on studies done by Tholons, a strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and research, the Philippines is fast becoming one of the top outsourcing destinations in Asia, much as it is consistently acknowledged as a key player in the BPO industry.

Educated and Highly Qualified Workforce

With the American-based education system which is widely followed, and the academic curriculum of its universities that’s at par abroad, Philippine universities produce about 500,000 graduates every year, and Filipinos are known to excel not only in IT-related fields but also in the sciences, arts, and humanities.


Nearly 150,000 graduates from business related programs, while another 100,000 are from engineering or information technology (IT) programs. The Philippines is also one of the few countries that can boast a large number of English speaking college graduates each year.

English Communication Skills

English is considered as a second language in the Philippines and is used not only in the academic and business setting, but also in day-to-day conversation. The Filipinos’ excellence in dealing with English-speaking customers, coupled with the low cost of operations and infrastructure, make the country a premier BPO destination.

History-wise, the Philippines has been well-immersed in Western culture, having been an American colony for 47 years. The English language is also the major mode of instruction in most schools and universities, which can account for the Filipinos’ excellent command of the English language, especially in reading, writing, and speaking.

Cultural Adaptation

With Filipinos’ almost inherent grasp of American culture, the language, and its nuances, majority of its citizens absorb the mass media in English without needing subtitles. English is also used not only in business and academic settings but also in day-to-day conversation.

Moreso, with the advent of cable TV and the internet, Filipinos also now have access to most television shows, news and sports channels, and movies that are aired globally.

Reduced Costs
Outsourcing to the Philippines definitely costs less than in Europe and the United States. Being well-equipped with the necessary technical infrastructure and a modern city environment, its prime cities are feasible for offshore locations such as Clark, Cebu City, and Davao city. Cost of real estate, rent, and fares are also set at a fraction of the price—across the board—compared to other Asian countries, which translates into lower operational costs for your business.


Excellent Customer Service

Filipino service is not all about the customer experiences but also delivering a positive overall business to its clients. Having positive outcomes lead to longer and more lasting relationships that’s why it is almost an inherited culture to reach unparalleled client satisfaction. Aiming to expand the system’s value and suggest more solutions to reinforce the value of business.

With the abovementioned factors in consideration and the enthusiastic support of the local government, it’s not hard to see why the Philippines keeps attracting foreign businesses to invest in the country.


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