“Entrench to Social Media” an advice to IT-BPO firms

On June 14, 2013, in Outsourcing, by Business Development Group

IT-BPO firms and other businesses are challenged to adopt with the change and transformation that the internet has developed if they don’t want to be left over

How often do you visit your facebook page, or your twitter account? Right now, do you know how many friends do you have in facebook, or followers in twitter? Or on the other side, how many people have you sent a friend request to and twitter page to follow?

Review. They may now have reached hundreds, or thousands.

Having this number of connection in social media suggests that people nowadays are more into subscribing to social media sites. People have found a new avenue of self expression and communication. Since most social media sites are free, anyone that has access to internet can sign-up and can create a profile openly. After entry of little personal information, anyone can be then connected socially in the internet.

With people moving profoundly towards social media, internet creates a very wide venue of business where in audience and customers have unbounded access to any information of a certain product and service no matter where they are rooted.

On recently concluded ICT and BPO Conference held in Cebu, ICT and BPO leaders were told to get themselves up to innovation and communication using social media.

Maria Ressa, CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler (a social news network inspiring community engagement and digitally driven actions for social change) said business and organization leaders are dared to entrench into social media and go with the change.

Ressa mentioned about the world that we living in, that it has become more difficult and complex. However, she said that we are interconnected than we have ever been–which is clearly through social media and internet.

“Every single business at this point is caught between jumping into something where we can do better or risk being a dinosaur,” Ressa said.

Businesses are challenged to adopt with the change and transformation that the internet has developed if they don’t want to be left over.

Social behavior is now tracked easily since more people are connected to social media. This a better and even a convenient way of social and targeting studies compared to surveys which also do not observe the actual behavior of the people.

Through smart utilization of social media and internet and maximizing their grasp to people can allow businesses to reach their target audience and customers without spending a lot compared to using the traditional media.

350 million Filipinos or one third of the Philippine total population has access to the internet and can connect to the world wide web. And this data grows everyday as Filipinos learn to adopt with the transformation that internet has created. This actually should give more reasons to organizations in developing online strategies.

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