At Northern Worx, our partners are able to take full advantage of the excellence of our people, the processes that enables them to accomplish things more quickly and efficiently, and the state-of-the art technologies that enables powerful functionalities.

Exceptional Results Delivered Only by Exceptional People

Since its establishment, Northern Worx has made discovering extraordinary people its mission; however, we have also learned that it takes more than a person’s expertise and competence to be of real value to the partners and the industry that we serve.

In order for our organization to accomplish its vision, we deem it necessary that every member of the team, from top executives to rank and file employees, share the same articulated core belief value system that have effectively enabled our company to rise above numerous challenges and propelled it towards even greater distances in the pursuit of success.

These values define our corporate beliefs – the guiding principles that allow our people to focus towards a strategic direction, and serve as the four pillars of our company’s success by which all members of our team ground their beliefs, attitude and actions:

Passion for Service

“Service for us is not a task, but an attitude – a professional yet cheerful disposition that truly enjoys giving part of ourselves to others.” This philosophy permeates throughout the entire Northern Worx organization, from the CEO down to the maintenance crew.

And to keep this passion alive, we highly regard the contribution of each member of our team through our incentive-based culture . . . treating each position with honor – from the highest to the lowest.

Maintaining high morale among employees is crucial in a service-oriented industry, and Northern Worx deems this an important factor in its aim to consistently deliver nothing but the highest quality of service that our partners’ and our partners’ customers require.

Focus on Results

Whether we answer calls to schedule an appointment, call potential customers for a major purchase, or transcribe delicate heart operation procedures – from the simple, to the complicated, to the saving of lives – our team of service professionals makes quality excellence their fundamental pursuit.

In doing so, we are assured that we are able to deliver our partners’ bottom lines. Be it exceeding sales targets, boosting customer loyalty, or increasing operational efficiency, achieving our partners’ objectives remains to be the primary motivation by which we perform our duties, establish our outlook and priorities, make decisions, and recognize rewards.

Continuous Improvement

Northern Worx continues to inspire and guide its people to extend their potential and capabilities to pursue noteworthy growth and success in all aspects of their lives, whether professional, financial, and even personal and social.

We consider the total development of our employees as a never-ending quest aimed at improving work satisfaction from a grassroots level. Northern believes that when an employee is empowered, it results to increased job proficiency, which leads to the reduction of costs, which converts to greater value, which ultimately translates to higher client satisfaction.

Creativity and Innovation

In this highly competitive industry, innovation, for some, is the only way to survive, while for others, it is the only way to grow . . . for Northern Worx, it is the only way to go. This principle not only gives shape to our organization’s future, but also resonates the dreams and hopes of our people and for the industry we belong to.

Northern Worx constantly encourages, challenges and supports its people to successfully exploit new ideas – to harness creative thinking to come up with better solutions to problems as well as achieve a profitable outcome of improvements in services, processes and technology that are both desirable and practical.

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