At Northern Worx, our partners are able to take full advantage of the excellence of our people, the processes that enables them to accomplish things more quickly and efficiently, and the state-of-the art technologies that enables powerful functionalities.

Outsourcing Business Model that Works

Northern Worx’s proven success in non-core outsourcing processes is a result of our customer-centric, result-oriented, and value-driven business philosophy that governs our actions in everything that we do.

We incorporate the best practices of the world’s leading companies in asset and knowledge management, service delivery and human resource development into our tried and tested framework to ensure a legacy of unquestionable reputation for quality, reliability, and superb customer satisfaction.

Partner Service Management

Our infrastructure allows us the greatest flexibility in supporting the full scope of non-core business process outsourcing that evolves with the demands of the modern world. We seek to redefine service in the BPO industry by ensuring a process that revolves around close partnership with a client, to find the perfect fit, through all stages of the service lifecycle.

That’s why we developed our Partner Service Management which ensures:

  • Thorough collaboration with partners, from the onset, in order to:

    • Define expectations, according to the goals and objectives of the client;
    • Anticipate requirements and match needs with workforce expertise and technology suitability;
    • o Provide solutions that are truly effective in addressing the client’s issues, concerns and problems.
  • Account take up process that delivers best-of-breed people with domain expertise, aligned values and genuine commitment to serve.
  • Effective workflow management that maximizes work efficiency and productivity, and enhances cost efficiency (least cost without sacrificing quality).
  • Tight control and monitoring practices to allow full transparency and strict adherence to all compliance and regulatory issues in all matters relating to physical and data security, human resources practices , Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and other federal and state policies, across all levels of our organization.
  • Internal control procedures that predict and prevent defects, as well as optimize output quality and processes.
  • Quality Assurance Process that is holistic and co-managed where both parties contribute to quality based on their areas of responsibility.
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