At Northern Worx, our partners are able to take full advantage of the excellence of our people, the processes that enables them to accomplish things more quickly and efficiently, and the state-of-the art technologies that enables powerful functionalities.

Empowering Technology to Unlock Great Solutions

At Northern Worx prudence is the key to the proper use of technology . . . avoiding bulky, inflexible tools that require million dollar upgrades and maintenance to favor flexible delivery options that can effectively support our partners during market fluctuations, accelerate business transformations, and optimize process outcomes.

While the technologies we employ are considered to be some of the finest in their class, our primary goal is to unlock the value that is stored within. We automate and standardize business processes that build economies of scale – extending the scope of benefits that partners can take advantage of while optimizing operations to industry best-in-class standards.

Our technological infrastructure is adaptable and configurable; it would not become obsolete throughout the changing business climate. It extends its capabilities almost infinitely to support growth in client volume, and can be fully integrated to meet cost, scale and efficiency demands.

Northern Worx employs the best techniques to reduce the number of interfaces in using our technologies without sacrificing process flows and efficiency. Users enjoy the ease of use comparable to that of the popular enterprise software today with almost zero learning curve.

Total Security
Northern Worx centers receive fully-secured live data feeds. We require user-level authentication before allowing any employee to do their work on their workstations. A software internal to the company facilitates data tracking procedures, which keeps logs of these actions, the person responsible for it, and the time the changes were made.

Our service personnels have access to data only when he is currently working on a job. Once done, all the job’s details will be moved to the archive where only the administrator and administrative personnel have access to.

Data are ultimately stored in an encrypted file system on a centralized server in the network. There are no hardcopies anywhere else. Employees are not allowed to bring any documents, electronic devices, or storage peripherals in or out of the office.

Redundancy and Back Up
Our multiple-site setup provides back up capability as each site’s operations is completely identical to the other. Should any of these sites fail to function, the other sites can take in the load. In case of data loss, we keep daily incremental backups and weekly complete backups so recovery is fairly quick.

In the case of physical damages such as broken hardware, we have arranged special agreements with local vendors to provide us with computer supplies and replacements within a day of the reported incident. The software/data necessary can then be restored using the backups that we have. We also have stand-by machines in case immediate replacements would be necessary.

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