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Philippine Non-voice expands it share in global IT-BPO services market.

Philippine voice-based outsourcing sector is set to uphold its leadership in the global BPO while another sector makes its way to a rapid expansion: Non-voice.

According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), Philippine Non-voice expands it share in global IT-BPO services market. BPAP figure showed last year that the non-voice sector expanded by an impressive rate of 30%. Services in financial, human resources, logistics, software, healthcare, IT, engineering and even legal support are the sectors where the expansion are attributed in to.

A forecast from Everest Group, a research and consultancy firm, shows that the global market for outsourced services will reach $220 billion to $280 billion this year. It is expected that 90% of the forecasted revenue will be coming from the non-voice division.

Healthcare BPO

Health care is one of many segments of Philippine non-voice BPO to show increased progress in the past two years. From 2010’s US$102-Million generated revenue, it reached as high as US$430-Million by the end of 2012.

This segment is evident to boom since the country records a large number of licensed nurses. There are more than 6000 nurses being trained every year, which implies bigger opportunities for the health care segment.

IT and Software Development

Aside from healthcare, other areas of Philippine non-voice BPO sector such as IT outsourcing, game and animation development, and information management for healthcare (HIM) are seen to be striding to a great feat. Tholons, a world-leading research, consulting and advisory firm today sees the great potential of outsourcing service providers in the country. Tholon is also expecting a penetration of country’s non-voice sector to other markets outside of US.

NKPO Non-voice

As identified by Tholons, Cebu City is an attractive BPO destination for both voice and non-voice. The city came in 8th in Tholon’s top 100 global outsourcing destinations. Northern Worx KPO (Non-voice), an outsourcing provider based in Cebu, specialize complete documentation solutions designed for physicians, hospitals, HMO’s, law offices, media outfits and research organizations.


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