Outsourcing Transcription Services

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 United States are turning to the skills of international based transcriptions services for a more cost-effective approach to record maintenance.Today, a number of industries based in the United States are turning to transcription service provider for a more cost-effective approach to record maintenance.

The prevailing practice of outsourcing your medical, legal or other transcription needs to local or offshore, needs careful selection of the service provider – a definite priority.


1. Determine the areas you require to be outsourced.

A number of offshore transcription services may specialize a number of services such as medical, legal or general transcription while others may render added services such as editing and proofreading.

2. Be specific and clear.

Citing which data format you prefer to receive your transcriptions in, your outsourcing partner should be able to provide documents in whatever word processing format you prefer as well as any other data formats to suit a particular legal need.

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3.Knowledge process outsourcing.

Make sure your outsourcing partner should have a thorough knowledge of your area of focus or specialization. By taking the work a notch further – analysis, thorough knowledge and experience, establish to the outsourcing partner about the training requirements their staff undergoes as well as how they are adept with the laws and labor concerns.

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5. Strict quality assurance.

It is ideal to outsource to an establishment that already has quality assurance measures in place. The contract should indicate what are these measures and its implementation.

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6. Mode of transfer.

The transcription company should provide you with the data transfer method you are most comfortable with. provide your staff with a familiar interface to prevent re-training within your practice. Your staff should be provided with an interface to prevent re-training within your practice as well as information should be transferred in a secure manner using encryption coding.


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