We specialize in providing complete documentation solutions designed for physicians, hospitals, HMO’s, law offices, media outfits and research organizations.

What our DocuWorx partners get from us

Great Cost Savings

Our methodology infuses outstanding value to every facet of the transcription process. Cost wastage on idled manpower due to overstaffing is greatly eliminated and available resources are effectively managed. This gives us the ability to achieve the most superior quality at the most cost effective manner.

Superior Integrity of Data

Top quality transcription is achieved through excellent people. We make certain to employ only the most capable people through our rigorous screening and recruitment process.

Our Quality Assurance process allows a thorough check for any errors and inconsistencies to achieve the highest level of accuracy in the final document.

Assured Delivery Right When Needed.

We invested heavily in instituting concrete and effective measures to ensure predictability and on-time delivery of documents. Our sophisticated recording, routing and distribution capabilities are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing system, thus, eliminating the possibility of delays in data streaming between the two systems.

Tight monitoring by our competent team of managers detects early on any potential causes of delay and counter-measures are immediately applied.

Excellent Scalability and Flexibility

Our technology and processes are fully redundant, providing us with flexibility in terms of scale of operation and the capacity to support multiple locations.

Whether you need just a few lines or a million, we have the capacity to adapt and absorb any fluctuations on your work demand without sacrificing quality, speed or timeliness.

Security of Data and Information

Our technology, transcription procedures and document management systems are all designed to accomplish 100% compliance with government and industry regulations including HIPAA and JCAHO.

Our technical infrastructure is fully redundant and protects all data throughout every stage of the processing cycle with advanced encryption technology.

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