As an exclusive healthcare BPO in its early years, Northern Worx fully understands the complexities, vulnerabilities and complications involved in providing services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Healthcare Insurance Call Center

Northern Worx knows the challenges surrounding the health insurance industry . . . increasing operating costs, the rising cost per member, increasing requirements for manual intervention, and many more.

In view of these challenges, Northern Worx leverages our expertise in healthcare back office capabilities to offer comprehensive and cost effective services covering the entire health insurance process chain from the processing of policy applications to the administration of claims, via the telephone or any electronic means.

Range of Services

  • Customer Service (handling of inquiries, complaints, etc.)
  • Processing of Member Transactions:
  • Application / Enrollment
  • Eligibility Assessments
  • Policy Issuance
  • Premium and Benefits Administration
  • Claims Evaluation and Processing
  • Reevaluation of Previously Rejected Claims
  • Referral Authorization
    • Revenue Cycle Management (billing, coding, accounting, collecting)
    • Provider Management
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