As an exclusive healthcare BPO in its early years, Northern Worx fully understands the complexities, vulnerabilities and complications involved in providing services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

What our HealthWorx partners get from us

  • Medical professionals trained in call center and customer service skills to act as agents, who are:

    • properly assessed to ensure work values are in line with the campaign,
    • properly trained in-depth in technical skills and accent neutralization,
    • constantly monitored in terms of performance and assessed through a performance-based score card,
    • appropriately rewarded in terms of contribution to the campaign;
  • Domain experts who are also medical professionals to analyze eligibility, claims, etc.;
  • A dedicated team who are experts in information technology to manage files and data;
  • Effective Quality Assurance Process,

    • team Leaders to deliver personalized and individual coaching to agents to improve performance,
    • Quality Analysts to conduct real-time monitoring of transactions;
  • Experts in the field of medical science, call center operations, linguistics, and human resources development to support the campaign.

Specialized Tools

Our fully scalable and customizable platform allows us to effectively integrate into any existing system while our highly innovative processes and methodologies offer you tremendous benefits including:

  • Elimination of fragmented procedures, thereby, ensuring that records are not lost or repeatedly processed.
  • Effective management of spikes in demand due to seasonal fluctuations.
  • Continual assessment and improvement of service performance to deliver designed business value.
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