InCall Worx

When your company’s reputation and profitability is at stake, Northern Worx knows we cannot go wrong in handling the most critical part of your business – customer management.

What our InCall Worx partners get from us

  • Fully qualified and professional agents, who are

    • properly assessed to ensure work values are in line with the campaign,
    • properly trained in-depth in technical skills and accent neutralization,
    • constantly monitored in terms of performance and assessed through a performance-based score card,
    • appropriately rewarded in terms of contribution to the campaign;
  • Effective Quality Assurance Process,

    • team Leaders to deliver personalized and individual coaching to agents to improve performance,
    • Quality Analysts to conduct real-time monitoring of transactions;
  • Dedicated experts in campaign-specific technical skills as well as experts in the field of call center operations, linguistics, human resources development, and information technology to support the campaign.
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