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Works well and popular for industries as business process outsourcing – especially for medical or legal transcription - both DNS and Dictaphone converts what you say into computer commands or written text. It let's you create documents just by talking into a headset microphone.Reporters, students and mostly writers are some of the people who composes documents on computers. Key-ing in too much text is not only cumbersome but can also produce repetitive strains and injuries. Technologies for speech-recognition program such as Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) or a Dictaphone solves this problem.

Works well and also popular for industries such as business process outsourcingmedical or legal transcription – both DNS and Dictaphone converts what you say into computer commands or written text. It let’s you create documents just by talking into a headset microphone.

With the advanced technology of today, people can have almost anything transcribed very rapidly. An mp3 based dictaphone, for example, can be used to record the sound. Recording can then be uploaded to the pc and emailed within minutes anywhere in the world.

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The transcriptionist can just replay the audio many times. The sound can also be adjusted, filtered for clarity as the completed document can then be emailed back and printed out or incorporated into other documents – all within just a few hours of the original recording being made.

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These popular methods which electronically translates sound into text and creates drafts of reports, the transcriptionists ideally formats the reports; edit them for mistakes in translation, punctuation, or grammar; and check for consistency and any wording that doesn’t make sense legally or medically.

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Transcriptionists working in specialties such as radiology or pathology, which have standardized terminology, are more likely to use speech recognition technology, a medium that will become more widespread in all specialties as it becomes more sophisticated and is better able to recognize and more accurately transcribe diverse modes of speech.

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As one of the fastest growing legitimate industry in the US, around 14 million transcribers is working in the United States by the year 2006, and it is expected to grow by another 3 million before 2015.

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