Taking the Burden Off Manual Legal Work

As reduced spending on corporate legal budgets persists to create pressure for legal organizations to explore new business models and lower costs, Northern Worx offers solutions that enable them to work with existing resources without slowing down their in-house team.

For law firms, attorneys, legal departments of corporations, financial institutions (banks and insurance), public defender and prosecutor offices, and state and federal government agencies, Northern Worx leverages its expertise in call center and documentation operations to provide solutions for manpower intensive legal functions such as secretarial services, legal drafting, legal transcription*, document conversion, legal coding and legal indexing, among others.

Our goal is to free up lawyers and paralegals on heavily routine, manual work and transfer these to professionals at Northern Worx who are specialists in these types of functions. This allows their in-house staff to concentrate on their prime legal competencies for more strategic legal work.

With our access to the best manpower skill, deep domain expertise, extensive technological capabilities, and cutting edge process framework, Northern Worx delivers measurable value-for-money outsourcing services to enable legal firms to benefit from:
cost effective highly efficient workforce,
a 24-hour workday,
business process efficiency.

* includes court proceedings, trials and legal pleadings, briefs motions and depositions, evidence/legal argument and presentations, consultation notes and case analysis, witness statements and examinations, jury instructions, judgments, public hearings and arbitration, among others.